Evidently, I did not move far enough to the south. I woke up this past Monday morning to a winter wonder land of white snow, brown slush… and the cold.

One might get all moody (“bad” weather does that to some folks) because of all the adjustments one must make in order to stay warm, navigate slippery streets and avoid that percentage of Texas drivers who fail to appreciate the lethal mixture of slush, asphalt, and mental drift. However, as I made my way to the office, I began to see its beauty. And, one of those rare moments in my life occurred: I had a thought.

Beauty often, if not always, comes with baggage. A rose bush has its thorns. Snow is beautiful but it only comes with the cold. And, good relationships always have issues. These are facts. The difference in a good or bad mood is how we choose to see the circumstance.

When something “bad” confronts the Christian, we must take a Divine perspective. “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds” (James 1:2) provides the perfect example of the Christian attitude we should adopt. Trials are not tantamount to defeat. They are not an opportunity to become angry, sad, or frustrated. They cannot destroy the moment, let alone the whole day, unless we afford them that privilege. They can be an opportunity to shine as a Christian light, merely a hurdle to be crossed or a conundrum to be conquered.

So, let it snow; I choose to see its beauty, and act accordingly.