There is nothing like a good vacation to calm the soul, escape the grind and ratchet down a notch in life. The constant day-in-day-out drudgery of “the job” can become overwhelming all by itself.

God knew this and instituted the Sabbath rest. He created the heavens and the earth in six literal days followed by a day of rest (Exodus 20:8-11). Of course, God needed no rest but, much to the chagrin of evolutionists who cannot give an astrological explanation for the seven-day week, He placed this day of rest in our existence to give humanity the opportunity to recuperate. God knows our every need.

Nevertheless, there is nothing like coming home and getting back into the familiar swing of things; a vacation can only last so long. There is a comfort zone in home, with a normality that brings a peace in its regularity to an otherwise chaotic existence. This steady, dependable feature seems to set things in order – the world is right when we are home.

That is the way I think of Heaven; there will be an infinite degree of comfort, security and wellness in that existence. We will enter Heaven as if we had just finished a long sojourn (Hebrews 11:13-16). We will be at home in a place we have never been before but for which we have lived our whole life. Ironically, the Bible pictures Heaven as both a rest (Revelation 14:13) and a going home (John 14:1-4). Evidently, folks in the olden days had vacations as hectic as we do today; and, going home was a rest.

We should look forward to going to our heavenly home. It is where we belong, it is prepared for us, and God expects us to be there. Are you headed home?