In A League of Their Own

“And ye shall make no league with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their altars: but ye have not obeyed my voice: why have ye done this?” (Judges 2:2, KJV).
God’s people are unique. From the beginning of time, God divided people into the only two classes: His and not-His. Nevertheless “the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose” (Genesis 6:2). God was intolerant concerning compromise and destroyed them (Genesis 6:7).
Throughout history, God has enjoined separateness for His people. The children of Israel were told to avoid co-mingling with the Canaanites (Deuteronomy 7:2-4). Samuel could not talk the children of Israel out of rebellion because they wanted to “be like all the nations” (1 Samuel 8:19b-20a). Solomon confessed the uniqueness of God’s people (l Kings 8:53) but forgot, himself, to be separate (1 Kings 11:4). Today, God continues to instruct His people: “be ye separate, saith the Lord” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18).
Because the children of Israel did not follow God’s advice concerning separateness they never freed themselves completely from the infestation of foreign influence, a plague afflicting the body of Christ today. Churches invite false teachers to speak to their assemblies (2 John 9-11), weak members moan when heretics are marked (Romans 16:17), and cowed leaders refuse to protect the flock, even inviting into their midst the very wolves that savage the Lord’s lambs (Acts 20:29-30). So, God’s mandate for uniqueness fades into a black hole of eternal condemnation.
One day, Jesus will make a permanent separation where many of God’s children seem to struggle (Matthew 25:32). And, if we cannot be separate today, we will be separate in eternity. God makes no apology: His children are in a league of their own.