A Cosmic Lifeboat

“Did Hollywood get it right?” asks Rosella Lorenzi in her recent article (3/21/2014) concerning the movie in which box-office giant, Russel Crowe, stars as Noah during the building of the Ark. My first response was: Are you kidding me? My second: When has Hollywood ever got it right? My third: Does Hollywood care if they get it right? My twenty-fifth: REALLY? (The rant lasted a good five minutes before I could bring myself to read the rest of the article). Evidently, the answers, according to Ms. Lorenzi, are with “expert,” Erving Finkel (curator of the British museum’s Mesopotamian tablet collection), who comment on the “cosmic lifeboat.”

This “expert” claims that the Ark was really round because that was the shape of known Mesopotamian vessels. Now, why would he go that route? Well, at the END of the article we find out from Finkel: “I do not believe the Ark really existed”[1] (which begs the question: if it never existed, why are you theorizing about its shape?). And, “the Ark is a component of the mythology that developed to avert the fear of its happening again.”[2] Evidently, God (if He was involved at all) is limited by culture, human imagination and the inability to originate something never before seen (Hebrews 11:7).

So, there you have it. An agnostic “expert” who believes the Genesis account of Noah’s Ark is myth and jettisons the Bible account for clay tablets (cf. Genesis 6:14-16). Just out of curiosity, how did an expert on Mesopotamian culture become an expert on a Bible account? I had a very wise man (Dr. Leo McLaughlin) once tell me, “PhD outside its field of expertise stands for ‘post-hole-digger.’”

When one does not believe or accept the historical document that first revealed the Ark’s construction and composition, relegating it to nothing more than just another “myth,” a Pandora’s Box of potential shapes, sizes, and materials are possible (just refer to the link in this article which refer to “photos” of the ark.[3] Pray tell, who took the “photos”? Really?). This kind of “reporting” basically calls the Bible a fabrication of human imagination at best and a barefaced lie at worst. But, that is Hollywood and the press; and that boat won’t float.

Perhaps, those of such persuasion have already boarded the good ship “Cosmic Lifeboat” and sailed for Neverland.