What Makes the Difference

One either follows God or lives for self; it is that simple. And, whereas no one knows better how to deal with the ailments of society, the church, or the individual than does God, the media seems to believe otherwise.

Take for instance the plea to “drink responsibly.” Seriously? Imbibing beverage alcoholic breaks down the walls of constraint and inhibition sober people erect in order to maintain civility; responsibility and recreational drinking rarely collide in the same instance. That which numbs the senses and muddles clear thinking demands the ultimate irony: a “designated driver.” It is obvious, even to a drunk, no one has any business operating a multi-ton killing machine while “under the influence” yet, in the same breath, one will mount a torrid defense for its harmlessness. Recently, recreational drug legalization is changing “Just Say No” to “Maybe” and consistency must ask: If one can see the potential for damage in Maui Wowie, how can one be blind to a Bud or a Bartles & Jaymes?

The all time brain-twister is this “Safe Sex” nonsense. Human sexuality is a God-given expression of love between a husband and his wife. Any sexual expression outside the marriage bond is unsafe physically and sinful eternally. The devastation our media brings upon this culture by encouraging promiscuity and lewdness under the guise of synthetic protection endangers our health, our society, and our soul. Propagating pornography through clothing catalogs (i.e., Abercrombie & Filth, which increasingly targets a younger demographic), and laundering lasciviousness through erotic “entertainment” merely reflects our society’s growing toleration of and numbness to propriety and purity; dignity gone the way of the dinosaur. How young and how immodest, in the name of fashion, must our children get before Christian mothers and fathers say, “Enough!”

Relegating the responsibility for purity to a government agency, school administration or culture is naked cowardice. We need a grass-roots rejection of soiled social “norms” by Christians intent on being “holy in all conduct” (1 Peter 1:16), keeping themselves “unspotted from the world” (James 1:27). Standing apart from the status quo is not beyond a Christian’s grasp (ref. Rome, circa 1st century, Romans 12:1-2), and how tightly one hangs on to the Bible makes the difference between Heaven and Hell.