Walking on Water

It is a fact that being a Christian is a challenge. Too often it is taken too lightly, as if it is just a breeze in a canvas sail. Not so! Living the Christian life is full of challenges.

No one would know that better than Peter. In the litany of mistakes recorded in God’s word of which Peter was guilty, there is never any indicator that he lacked any zeal, love or good intention. In fact, it was those very personality traits that defined often defined his service to the Christ. In one instance, anxious to please his Master, he asked to walk out and meet him on the sea. And, Peter walked on water! It was only when he lost his focus on Christ that the waves began to intimidate him and he began to sink. He took his eyes off Jesus (Matthew 14:30).

For today’s Christian the challenges of standing for truth, loving the unlovable, and living for God will only become overwhelming if we take our focus off the Christ. His abiding example of patience with ignorance and calm resolve in the face of rebellion, His tenderness and compassion for those who were lost (even when they did not realize it) and His bold, unflinching defense of the truth of right thinking and goal-oriented living will ever leap from the pages of Holy Writ to guide us unfailingly to an eternal home with God.

If you are swamped in the mire of sin, overwhelmed by one after another crashing wave of life’s consequences, or drowning in a sea of despair and disappointment, put your eyes on Christ and Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up” (James 4:10). If we maintain our zeal by pursuing faith (Romans 10:17) and continue to love God by submitting obediently to everything that He commands (John 14:15), and commit to focus on God without distraction (Matthew 6:33), we can rise up to walk on the waters of life with no fear of drowning.