Transgender Reality Fail

The old Chevy pickup truck commercial that has the middle man in the back seat of all-male group singing Shania Twain’s song, “I Feel Like a Woman,” may not be politically correct anymore. The latest departure from common sense and honesty has conjured up a new class of people: “transgender.” And, flexing their legal rights at the expense of and to the danger of our country and our children, we are now seeing a cowed culture accommodate the absurd.

The flawed premise to this ungodly perversion ought to be obvious to right thinking people but, in deference to the sacred cow of the “marginalized,” no one is supposed to notice how ridiculous the idea is that a person be recognized as anyone (or anything) they choose to be. Because a human decides he or she (those are the only real, descriptive and correct distinctions for human beings) is a camel, wears a hump, fur and spits, does not make a human a camel. Because a human no longer wishes to identify as a Homo Saipan does not mean that he or she can arbitrarily decide to belong to another group of creatures. Evidently, in our society however, if one decides they no longer wish to be what they are biologically, the rest of us must don the same blinders and embrace this self-defined “difference”? Not only is this unbelievable, it is obscene.

Worse, it is a totalitarian, dictatorial mandate that binds upon the majority the failure or fantasy of a deluded minority, whether by peer pressure or by government suppression. This arbitrary imposition of medical, biological and factual error is an affront to the rights of individuals that choose not to believe a lie. The demands of the so-called “transgender” to “recognize” him or her as such is a demand to submit to propaganda of the most perverse nature.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them (Genesis 1:27; cf. Matthew 19:4). God made humanity male and female; not “Gay,” “Lesbian,” “Transgender,” or “Bisexual” (or “Pedophiles,” “Rapist” or “Zoophilias”; cf. Leviticus 18:22-24). No matter what delusion (or perversion) one chooses, no matter the extensive surgical mutilation one employees and no matter how oppressive a society’s pressure or a government’s mandate, God’s Word stands; and no “inclusive” imposition can validate a “transgender” reality fail.

Jeff Sweeten