It is not a shameless political plug for some party, it is not breech of pulpit decorum nor it is a desecration of any separation between church and state to encourage you to vote. It is amazing how many are so willing to complain about the way things are, never having lifted a finger to change things. And, about all one has to do to vote on these new machines is lift a finger… so, lift one!

We must be aware that we are not original in the toleration of the brand of debauchery currently destroying America. The Canaanites were so perverse that the land vomited them up (Leviticus 18:28). Babylon was so evil that the name speaks for itself (Habakkuk 1:6); Assyria was not any better. The Greeks and Romans were infested with debauchery of every stripe. In all these empires, human life had little sanctity, civil leaders frequently killed their kin folk, unwanted children were “exposed,” suicide became honorable, and entertainment sank to an all-time low in feature-fights to the death, with the recreational use of Christians as fodder for exotic beasts. The degenerate appetites of those cultures are often credited for their demise.

The question should be asked: How much farther do we have to go in America before we follow suit? Currently, many of our public leaders are among the most immoral in our country. Countless millions of children cry from their grave at the injustice of their being murdered from their mother’s womb. Euthanasia is now legal in some states and the movement is gaining momentum – old folks, beware! “Entertainment” now consumes Americans and includes “fights” that are almost as barbaric as Rome’s gladiatorial bouts. We are not far from Rome, Greece, and other “great” civilizations that ignored God.

What we tolerate, we accept, and then embrace, the natural downward course of leaving God to serve the flesh. Only the fool ignores the aggressive nature of sin; it is never satisfied and it is mightily militant. The implied understanding that “they” can do what they want but we prefer not to join them is condemned (Romans 1:32). It is not enough that a Christian tolerates sin, Satan is not satisfied until you embrace it, support it and become a part of it.

A silent majority may quickly become a surprised minority. When persecutions become personal and standing for truth in the public forum costs you materially and physically, it will be too late to salvage what was once “One Nation Under God.” Speak now, before your voice is silenced forever.

Jeff Sweeten