A Fresh Start

Do-over. Mulligan. Revamp. Take-two. These and many other terms are used both to admit that (1) a mistake has been made and (2) a second opportunity is desired in order to “fix” the mistake. The fact that all have sinned, and sin separates us from God, begs for a fresh start. But, how does one “undo” sin?

No religion on earth affords this potential better than Christianity. World religions flounder in rebirth as a replacement life that only promises the ability to make similar if not the same mistakes over again. These failed philosophies are founded on the silly idea that humanity can somehow become perfect, given enough reincarnations. Some make little or no accommodation for mistakes, merely recognizing them to leave the frustrated failure with an inability to fix flaws. In the pursuit of this hollow holiness, God becomes a justice tyrant, a God to fear in trepidation. Christianity is the exception.

Our loving Father, by grace, gave His Son, not willing that any should perish. Jesus came to this earth, sacrificing Heaven, to die for our sins and conquer death, something we could not do. The whole process of conversion is capped off, finalized, in an act of complete submission wherein the convert is said to rise up and walk in newness of life (ironically, a part of conversion many “Christian” religions leave out). However, the blessing of Christianity perpetuates itself in the relationship we gain with the Father; one has, after conversion, an “as-asked-for” opportunity to an ever-available fresh start. There is never a time in the life of a Christian that sin must weigh us down, our access to a sin-free connection with our Father may be renewed day by day.

With the approach and realization of this new year, the blessing of being God’s child, pure and clean in the eyes of the Almighty Judge, is a comfort as well as a confidence-builder. We are new every morning; what a joy to begin again.

Jeff Sweeten