A Christian Camp

I remember the Fry Bible Camp. I anticipated it for 51 weeks, it flew by and then I geared up for the next year. The fellowship, the fun, the singing, and the scenery all mixed in a montage of memorable moments never to be forgotten. I remember a little guy named “Tadpole,” who became a defensive back for the Raiders football team (we now call him “Van” or “Sir”). I remember a “girlfriend” who complained because holding her hand caused it to perspire (sweaty palms were out back then). I remember Patsy and Pam deflating my ego on the ping-pong table. I remember the Flying Dutchman and all of those wonderful collisions. I remember the young folks, ages 12-18, singing songs that brought the hair on the back of your neck to attention. I remember the tearful repentance and obedient baptism of teenagers surrounded by loving peers, joyful over another saved soul. Yes, those memories are still as strong as the day they were made.

Most of all, I remember the great men and women who volunteered their valuable time. The fact that I now preach the Gospel, and the opportunities I have to guide souls to eternity in Heaven, will always be stars in their crown (and there was certainly considerable concern in my younger years as to what would become of me!). However, it might not have happened for me had it not been for the sacrifices of Christians like Roland and Mary Jean Fry, Woodrow Yates, Dorothy Doebler, and my own parents. These persevering saints were there to encourage, cajole, and occasionally shake their finger at me, and all that out of love.

I still think about the Fry Camp. I owe so much to those faithful souls who labored in love, and there is no way to repay the debt … except perhaps, to pass it on. A little kindness, a helping hand or a word fitly spoken may change the eternal destiny of a young soul. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have a camper smile back at you from the Judgment Seat, remembering your sacrifice, as he/she hears those glorious words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: … enter thou into the joy of thy lord” (Matthew 25:21). What a difference you can make.

Jeff Sweeten