Worth the Search

There’s a story of a boy going to the beach and watching people scan the ground with their metal detectors. They would just walk back and forth, up and down the beach, moving their detectors over the ground. The boy approached one of these people, an older gentleman, and asked him what he was looking for. “Nothing in particular,” the man said, “just searching for lost treasure.” The boy then asked him if he had ever found anything of value. The man’s list was extensive and pretty impressive: diamond rings, rare coins, and other expensive items that he could sell to make a profit. The man then told the boy, “Sometimes you don’t find anything, but when you find something of value, it’s worth the search.”

I wonder if we have the same attitude when it comes to people. We need to ask ourselves if we are searching for the treasure of souls. God has placed great value on each one of us and He wants each one of us to be in heaven with Him (II Peter 3:9). We need to place the same emphasis on one another that God places on us all.

We focus a lot in the church on what you are doing to make sure you get yourself to heaven, but just as much importance should be placed on what you’re doing to get other people to heaven. What have you done lately to “seek and save that which is lost” (Luke 19:10)?

One lost soul returning home to God is worth the search and the hard work. One lost soul returning to God is something that for which we should rejoice. It’s time we start placing the value on people that they deserve. It’s time we start searching for the people that need the help and love of Jesus Christ. God obviously thought that we were worth the trouble of sending His Son to die for our sins, and we need to share that message with others.

It’s time to start searching for treasure. Just remember: Sometimes you don’t find anything, but when you find something of value, it’s worth the search.