Leftover Pie

I once heard of a family that got a lot of free pies.  The reason for that was that there was an elderly gentleman who had an unusual “tradition.”

This man wanted his wife to fix a fresh pie for their noon meal.  As I remember it, if this was not a daily occurrence, it was an almost daily occurrence.

The man and his wife each enjoyed a piece of freshly baked pie at lunch and then gave the rest of the pie to the people they knew.

They weren’t merely trying to be nice.  The elderly gentleman just absolutely refused to eat leftover pie.

It seems to me that many people approach life this way. They believe that they deserve the best and that they have every right to demand the best.  The “leftovers of life” are of no interest to them. Something that has been used by somebody else, or that comes from a surplus of supplies from somewhere, is seen by many as being way below their dignity.

Amazingly, some seem to even approach God that way.  The attitude displayed is one of making demands on Him and expecting Him to satisfy every desire and cater to every whim.  Of course, those desires and expectations must be met with nothing but the best.  “Leftovers” would never do!

It might be that a quick reading of Matthew 15:21-28 would be in order here.  The woman in this account had a very real need.  Every time I read this account, I am amazed at how much pride she “swallowed.”  In verse twenty-seven, she indicates she would be perfectly satisfied with the Lord’s “leftovers” if it would help her daughter. To be specific, she told Jesus that “crumbs” would be all right (v. 27).  As you are no doubt aware, when Jesus saw that attitude demonstrated by her, He commended her for having great faith (v. 28).

It seems to me that the attitude expressed and demonstrated by this woman would still be most pleasing to our Lord today.  This is the attitude that puts Him, not me, on the throne.  It puts us in the position of being humble and obedient.

That is not a position which is very appealing to many.  It is, however, the only position we can occupy which will allow us to be truly humble.