The Body of Christ

Can you imagine trying to tie your shoes with only one hand? Can you imagine walking with only one leg? It’s nearly impossible. If you are missing certain parts of your body, you become handicapped. Normal, everyday activities become harder to perform.

The same is true of the Lord’s church. Paul tells the Corinthians that we are “many members, but one body” (I Corinthians 12:20). We make up the body of Jesus Christ. When we are not attending services like we should, we are handicapping the Lord’s church. We are the workers in the Lord’s kingdom, but how can we work to our full potential when we are not functioning at one hundred percent?

     If you’re attending, but not a member: God wants us to be a member of His church body. This way, the shepherds can help guide you in the flock. Being a member means being active in what’s going on in the church family. You can begin helping the church grow spiritually and physically. We are called to be disciples of the word of God.

If you’re a member, but not attending: God tells us not to forsake the assembly, but instead to exhort and encourage one another towards good deeds (Hebrews 10:24,25). Our church body hurts when you are not here. How can we be encouraged when part of our body is missing? When you are missing from the worship service, we are handicapped. For some reason, some people think that Bible class, Sunday night, and Wednesday night services are optional. We encourage you to attend regularly so that our lights can shine brighter, and we can encourage one another.

If you’re a member and attend regularly: If your left hand is hurting, then your right hand picks up the extra slack. It’s up to you to help encourage the members of the body that are hurting. We are all members of the same body; when one hurts, we all hurt (1 Corinthians 12:26). Do your part in teaching and leading by example.

God wants us all to be members of the Lord’s church. God wants all of us to grow closer to one another and continue growing spiritually in the body. May we all strive in doing so.