Blessings in Christ

The Bible tells us that all spiritual blessings are found in Christ (Ephesians 1:3). But, what does that mean?

The context of Ephesians chapter one explains that Christians have unique blessings through Christ, giving us as Christians the perfect motivation for praising God.

Christians have been adopted! Many adoptions are processed through an agency of some kind. For Christians, our adoption takes place through the agency of Jesus Christ Himself. The Father adopts us into His own family out of love, highlighting His gracious nature (v.4-6).

Christians have been redeemed!  Many adoptions require fees or a price to be paid; redemption is that price. God pays the full price for us by lavishing His grace on us through the blood sacrifice of Jesus (v.7-9).  Why? By doing this, God reveals His plan for our forgiveness of sins, bringing us into harmony with Him (v.9-10).

Christians have an inheritance! Being adopted, we are made part of His family. Being redeemed, we are bought and paid for. The natural blessing of inheritance follows these two. This inheritance is the predetermined will of God – that those who hope in Christ become a reason to praise the glory of God. This hopeful inheritance is a part of our salvation (Romans 8:24), teaching us that God predetermined a plan of redemption and the way His people should live. Having heard the word of truth, the Ephesians believed in and obeyed Christ, tapping in to their adoption, redemption, and inheritance (v.13).

In other words, as Christians, we are given a family instead of being rejected. As Christians, we are considered valuable, instead of being worthless. As Christians, we are given the richest inheritance possible, instead of being destitute.

If you are a Christian, the next time your self-esteem or self-image is not doing so great, think about the blessings you have in Christ. If you are not a Christian, why not become one and experience these blessings?

P.S. I realized that this past Monday (February 11) marked six months since our family moved to Jacksboro. We are honored to be here and want to thank you so much for the love, encouragement, and support you continually give us. We feel truly blessed to be a part of such a loving church family and can’t wait to see what things God has in store!