As I was driving around one afternoon, I drove behind two different vehicles that both had a left brake light that was out. I thought this was sort of odd. I remember thinking the only way you know you have a tail light out is usually after someone that has been following you informs you of that fact. It is not something we consciously think about or check ourselves. Someone has to take the initiative to tell us we have a bulb that needs to be repaired.

Life can sometimes be like this. Usually we assume life is pretty “normal” and “OK.” It’s difficult to get outside of ourselves and give a true, honest evaluation as to who we are and what we represent with our attitudes, words, and action. As people observe us, however, they do get a more neutral and objective view of our attitudes, words, and actions.  I hope our desire is the one that is pictured in Ephesians 5:10 which is, “trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.” If our desire is to please the Lord, it may require us to humbly listen to the advice of others on how we need to be changed and transformed.  If someone gives you spiritual advice, your first inclination may be to say “No, I am OK there.” How many of us when someone tells us our tail light on our car is not working, would immediately tell the person “Oh, no you are actually wrong about that?” We would assume they are correct. Why do we assume people are wrong when they give us spiritual advice that may help us grow closer to the Lord?

I encourage you to listen to Paul’s instruction to find out what pleases the Lord. I encourage you to listen to those who give you spiritual advice.  They can see you in a way you cannot (and do not) see yourself. We, as humans, do have some blind spots. We may not like to admit it, but if we can bring those blind spots into view we can begin (and continue) the repairs necessary to bring things back to working order. Blessings as you endeavor to find out what is pleasing to the Lord.