Unrecognized Blessings

God freed the people of Israel in the book of Exodus and yet God still identified Himself as Israel’s savior centuries after this happened. Why would He do this? Didn’t Israel know their history and everything God had done for the nation? Yes and no. They knew the events, but they became blind to the implication of what the events meant. They took their knowledge and allowed it to become equal to bedtime stories and fairy tales. God saving them from bondage became a distant memory Israel no longer cared anything about. Since they did not care about their history, their history lost its impact. Since the impact was gone, gratitude went with it, and thus started their downward spirals into sin. All of this because of unrecognized blessings.


Sometimes the path of destruction begins with unrecognized blessings. America has set a world record by having one form of government since 1789. Now let’s have some comparison for the sake of perspective:


France—15 forms since 1789


Ecuador—20 forms since 1830


Russia—4 forms since 1918


Thailand—17 forms since 1932


South Korea—6 forms since 1948


Ghana—4 forms since 1957


America has a level of stability unknown in the world, and yet how often is this addressed in schools, colleges, politics, etc? In a period of time when the uniqueness of America is downplayed, and some parts of our society teach how evil our nation is, do we sit back and thank God for how blessed we really are to be here? We have been blessed with stability for so long-in comparison to the rest of the world- we think the stability is normal, but it is not normal throughout the world.


If we are not careful, we can become lackadaisical to the blessings of God. We can take the blessings of God and become unimpressed by them to the point of contempt with God. If blessings become unrecognized then for what will we thank God? This thinking led to the downfall of Israel in biblical times. Pray we continue to recognize God’s blessings, so we do not follow the same path.