The Shepherd

Psalm 23 is one of the most loved passages in Scripture. In this Psalm we see God as…


MY SHEPHERD (23:1a). Jacob is the first one to call God his Shepherd, upon his death bed as he blessed Joseph (Genesis 48:15). We are like sheep. We tend to wander. We face enemies from which we need protection. We are dependent upon our Shepherd.


MY PROVIDER (23:1b). Everything we really need in life is found in relationship to our Shepherd. Every good thing we enjoy in our lives is provided by God. Even among the ones of us who have the least, we can say that God has provided for our greatest needs.


MY PEACE (23:2) Our lives are seldom serene, often overrun and overcommitted, stressed, and plagued by mental fatigue. Quiet, peaceful times seem a rarity. God shepherds us into a more peaceful life.


MY RESTORER (23:3). A line in a familiar hymn reminds us that we need to be restored often. “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it; Prone to leave the God I love.” Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing reminds us that even when our souls have wandered, the gentle Shepherd restores our soul.


MY COMFORTER (23:4). Dark valleys are common to us all. Death, divorce, discouragement, and defeats of every kind. We need to know that God walks with us personally and closely through them.


MY HOST (23:5). The table, the oil, and the cup remind us that God is the host of our lives. We sit in His presence and He blesses us with confidence, refreshment, and satisfaction.


MY PROMISE (23:6). God is with us no matter what we face in life. He keeps us focused on the promise of eternal life. His goodness and mercy assure us when we are fearful or anxious. (Psalm 16:11)


  1. B. Meyer says of Jesus: “He has a shepherd’s tenderness; no lamb so tiny that He will not carry it, no saint so weak that He will not gently lead, no soul so faint that He will not give it rest.” We have a strong and caring Shepherd. Psalm 95:7 says, “He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, the sheep of His hands.”