Changing the World

Bobby Hill, the 13-year-old son of a U.S. Army sergeant stationed in Italy, read a book about the work of Albert Schweitzer. Deciding he wanted to help, Bobby sent one bottle of aspirin to Lt. General Richard C. Lindsay, Commander of Allied air forces in southern Europe and asked if one his planes could parachute the bottle to Dr. Schweitzer’s hospital. An Italian radio station heard of this and issued an appeal for other help. In all, more than $400,000 worth of medical supplies were donated. The French and Italian governments each supplied an airplane to help fly the supplies and the boy to Dr. Schweitzer. Upon meeting Bobby, Dr. Schweitzer said, “I never thought a child could do so much for my hospital.”


When we are young and life doesn’t seem as complex, we are able to dream of doing great things for God. But life has a way of turning us to more cynical ways of thinking that actually deaden our faith and make us believe that nothing we can do really makes a difference. Who really believes they can change the world?


“There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are these for so many people?” (John 6:9)


Part of living the life of faith is to recognize that God is at work in the mustard seed, the few loaves and fishes, the storms, and the everyday elements of our lives. A question we should all ponder is this: How is your faith finding expression in your everyday life? Occasionally someone does something so big and grand for God that it catches everyone’s attention. Give God glory for that, but also realize that this is rare. By far the greatest and most amazing things done for God are hidden from all but His eyes. The bread for a hungry soul, water for the thirsty, love for the lonely, a listening ear for the frightened, a helping hand for the helpless, or mailing a bottle of aspirin to a General. Those are the things that God can use to change the world. We change the world when we change our world. One small act of love at a time.