We have all heard about the optimistic approach which states, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Think for a moment about your attitude. For the most part, attitude is a habit. It’s something that we slowly develop over time. It’s also accurate to say that your attitude has a lot to do with the way you view things in life. Did you hear about the optimist that fell from the top floor of a 12-story building? Someone yelled out the 7th floor window as the man passed by and asked, “How is it going?” The man yelled back, “So far so good!”

Our attitude can make a difference. The optimist sees the glass half-full and the pessimist sees the glass half-empty. You can go through the Bible and find bad attitudes of selfishness and fear, and you can look around in life and find people who reflect this way of thinking. On the other hand, you can also find good attitudes in both the Bible and in life. Even today, we can still find attitudes in people of faith that say, like David, “God and I can conquer this giant.” I think we can all agree that our attitude, our outlook on life, is important. So the question is, are you letting the attitude of Jesus be seen in you?